OK1 Fighter

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The OK1 Kart Specification
- Brake system hydraulic
- Brake disc ventilated floating rear brake disc
- Axle Ø50X2X1030MM MOD.M (standard equipment)
- Bodyworks 507/8 with CIK-FIA homologated supports
- Wheel rims DWT "V" series, magnesium, 132 mm front - 212 mm rear
- Fuel tank 8.5 L
- Spindles Ø25 mm
- Steering wheel RS "M5" steering wheel + telemetry plate
- Engine mount and seat not included
The OK1 Kart can be supplied fully race prepared for Rotax, X30 and OK Classes
Packages available are;
- Mini/JNR/SNR X30 + Komet SLK Tyres
- Mini/JNR/SNR Rotax + Mojo Tyres
- OK/OKJ + SLK Tyres
- Rolling chassis
​Comes complete with Chain Guard, Magnesium Wheels, Caster Camber adjusters.
Karts are in stock and ready for immediate delivery and packages can be ready for collection with in 7 days of order. Price are subject to change.